In the November of 2004 Milford voters approved a twenty year millage for the purpose of constructing a recreational trail, from the dam south of the Huron River into Kensington Metropark, which opened in spring, 2009. 

The Township established the trail use permit process to ensure that Milford residents will have clear and preferential access to the trail they are paying for in their property taxes.  Organized use of the trail is allowed but regulated in order to minimize its domination by such events.    

Therefore, all groups and organizations with over twenty people on the trail and all commercial business activities along the trail must obtain a Trail Use Permit, granted by the Township Board. 

Step 1:  Complete the permit application and submit it to the Milford Township Clerk’s Office.  The completed application will then become an agenda item for the Parks & Recreation Commission’s consideration.  The Clerk’s Office will notify you as to when that meeting will be. 

Step 2:  Once the Parks & Recreation Commission has considered the request they will make a recommendation to the Township Board for final approval or denial.  The request will be considered as an agenda item.  The Clerk’s Office will notify you as to when that meeting will be.  

Please allow two months or more for your request to be approved as meetings are held only once per month.  If you have any questions about this process please contact Clerk Holly Brandt at 248 685-8731.