Milford Township Cemeteries

Two municipal cemeteries are located in the Township of Milford.  

  • Oak Grove was established in the early 1800's and is listed on the Michigan Registry of Historic Sites.  Many of Milford's early settlers are interred here.

  • Milford Memorial was established after World War II for interring area soldiers, veterans and Milford residents.  A memorial cemetery is one with markers that are flat or flush to the ground. 

If you would like a flag placed on the grave of a veteran in one of our cemeteries (Milford Memorial, Oak Grove, St Mary), contact the Milford's American Legion Post 216, 248 684-9919 or the Clerk's Office to make arrangements, 248 685-8731.
Sexton (Caretaker) services which include grave sales, burials, and maintenance is performed by Huron Cemetery Maintenance at 248-887-6700.


Milford Township Offices
1100 Atlantic Street

Milford, MI 48381
Phone: 248 685-8731
Fax: 248 685-9236
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:30-12:30; 1:30-5:00
Friday - 8:00-12:30; 1:00-4:00


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